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Airnest Inhalers

Airnest is The smart inhaler that tackles asthma with intelligence and design.

David Tamayo

  • Description of the idea

    A smart inhaler + mobile app that improves the way asthmatics manage their condition and empowers them to take control of their health - leading to a better quality of life and fewer medical expenses. - There are 500M asthmatics worldwide (8 % of global pop) and 25M in the US - The cost of Asthma in the US annually is around 80Bn$ - The biggest cause is that 70% of the asthmatic population don't correctly use their treatment - Outside of the cost implication, there is an impact on quality of life Why don't people use their treatment correctly? - Miseducation and misunderstanding of their own condition. - After being diagnosed, there is little monitoring by doctors. Asthma triggers? - Pollution - Pollen - Humidity and wind - Location (seaside / countryside / Cities / Mountains...) - Physical activity - Indoor pollution The application will gather environmental and lifestyle data, and treatment adherence and compare these to asthma crisis. The inhaler has sensors that measure: - If the user shakes and holds the inhaler in the right way before usage - The strength and breath-in synchronization of the inhalation If the inhalation doesn't meet the criteria, the application sends the user a notification with tips Over time, the application will be able to better understand the specific pattern of each user, send recommendations and reports to doctors.
    Airnest Inhalers
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Med-tech has made significant evolutions in recent years, paving the way for a product like Airnest. Recently, lifestyle is merging with healthcare; however, asthma is still underserved. In the recent year, we have seen COVID bringing respiratory issues into a new spotlight, priming the way to better serve the asthmatic community with a sophisticated med-tech solution. The prevalence of chronic disease is giving users an increased need to have data and information, empowering them to better manage their conditions. Airnest is taking personalization to new heights, allowing users to have hyper-personal healthcare solutions rather than generic care. A new pharmaceutical vision oriented toward unique human experiences and usage patterns.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    There is right now only one direct competitor. Digihaler by Teva. Airnest is focused on data based solutions that improve treatment adherence and inhaler usage. Airnest is the only solution that offers an aesthetic product design. We really think that creating an elegant medical device will facilitate user adoption and that will have a direct impact on improving adherence. Airnest is the only Brand to offer a reusable inhaler, that will reduce the consumption of plastic by 66% annually. Airnest is at the intersection of Healthcare, tech, environment, and design.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Right now, we have the first prototype, but we found a few ways to enhance the data we collect and also to improve the way people use their treatment. With $10K we will be able to build the Prototype v2 that would include the breathing synchronization feature that will help us to raise further funds. The 10k will be split into: $5000 final electronic board with components integrated (x3) $1500 High-quality 3D printing of 5 inhalers $3500 Back-end and front-end update of the mobile application